Appendix A: Legal Resources


Legal Representation

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) Pro Bono Clearinghouse connects attorneys and communities to tackle environmental problems. For more information or to be connected with an attorney or law clinic regarding your community’s concerns, submit a form at ELI Pro Bono Clearinghouse’s contact page for communities and organizations.


Federal Resources

United States Code: Official law of the U.S. (for example, the Clean Air Act)


Code of Federal Regulations: Regulations created by federal governmental agencies (for example, the EPA)


Agenda of Regulatory Actions: Yearly Plans for actions for federal agencies


Free U.S. Supreme Court Opinions


Free Federal Court Opinions:


State Resources

Official Code of Georgia Annotated: Official law of the state of Georgia


Georgia Regulations: Regulations created by state governmental agencies (for example, Georgia Department of Natural Resources)


Proposed Georgia Regulations: Information about upcoming regulations is available on on each of the relevant agencies’ websites with instructions on how to comment


Free Georgia Court Opinions


Local Resources

Municipal and County Codes:

County or City Websites:

  • Information on local council meetings is often available on their official websites, and sometimes on county, town, or city social media pages as well.