Appendix C-5: Sample Public
Comment Letter

In the sample public comment letter below, instructions are in bolded green text to indicate where you need to add information. You can copy and paste the sample language below or download the editable public comment letter.



[Insert date submitted]

[Insert agency address]

RE:      [Docket ID Number, Name of Proposal.]

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on [the proposal]. I am [introduce yourself or your group, whoever the comments are from. Give a few sentences about your background, your credentials, and why you are interested in this proposal. If you are commenting because you live near a proposed landfill, for example, say exactly how close your home is to the landfill: I have lived in Town, Georgia, for twenty years, and my home is less than three miles from the proposed landfill site.”].

I would like to [state the purpose of your comment. Do you want to raise concerns, suggest an alternative, or ask the agency to consider something specific about the project? Make sure to clearly state what you want the agency to do! In our landfill example, you might say I would like to ask that you deny this proposed landfills permit, for the following reasons:”].

1. [First (the most important) reason why the agency should do what you want. Keep each reason a separate number or bullet point. Include all the information you have that supports this point. It’s okay for each point to be several paragraphs, or even pages. Reference any sources, like newspaper articles, that support your position. You can put references in footnotes or include a bibliography (a list of your sources) after your signature.]

2. [Second reason why the agency should do what you want.]

3. [Put as many reasons as you have, but try to order them from most important to least important. Make sure to include all your concerns, because if you eventually need to file a lawsuit about this issue, any concerns you do not raise at the commenting stage can be considered “waived,” and you won’t be able to include them in your lawsuit.]

Therefore, [re-state what you want the agency to do, like deny the permit or choose an alternative site.].

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.


[Your name or your organization’s name. Additional individuals or organizations can also sign on to your comment.]